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Brittany Cotrell
Grant Support Specialist
889 E. Long St
Columbus, OH 43203
Office: (614) 926-4132
Fax: (614) 252-5107
Ryan Hair
HIV Test Counselor
889 E. Long St
Columbus, OH  43203
Mobile: (614) 600-0638
Fax: (614) 252-5107
Ric Elliott Davis
Program Supervisor
Me4Me Program Coordinator 
889 E. Long St
Columbus, OH 43203
Mobile: (614) 907-5224
Fax: (614) 252-5107
Charles Abernathy
Mpowerment Coordinator 
889 E. Long St
Columbus, OH 43203
Fax: (614) 252-5107



Brittany Cotrell, GCMC Grant Support Specialist

Brittany has been involved in social justice issues since the age of 16 when she started working with a criminal defense attorney. Working in this field, allowed her to experience the disparities in access to resources. She began researching and working with disproportionately affected and infected populations. She published research involving intravenous drug use and HIV and access to quality healthcare in American prisons. Brittany began volunteering for Equitas Health (formerly AIDS Resource Center Ohio) in 2010 and was hired as an HIV Test Counselor at the Columbus branch of Equitas Health in June, 2014. Brittany attended The Ohio State University and received her B.A. in Russian and History and a M.A. in Slavic and East European Studies. Brittany works to improve the quality of GCMC’s services by assisting staff with data management, providing quality assurance tools and acting as a liaison with community partners.

Ryan Hair, CTR Coordinator

Ryan M. Hair is thrilled to join the Greater Columbus Mpowerment Center (GCMC) as a HIV Test Counselor and Community Outreach Liaison. Ryan joins the team with a wealth of experience and vast knowledge about the community.  He has first-hand knowledge of the HIV/AIDS epidemic due to his own positive HIV status. Ryan began his journey with GCMC as a Core Group Member and volunteer well over three years ago. During his time as a Core Group Member, he acted as leader in program recruitment, while bringing a number of new faces into the center. He helped organize events and outreach opportunities. Ryan enjoys empowering young men with knowledge about the importance of HIV testing and medication adherence for newly diagnosed.

Ric Elliott Davis, Program Supervisor & Me4Me Coordinator

Ric Elliott Davis proudly joins the Greater Columbus Mpowerment Center family as a Community Engagement Specialist and Me4Me Program Coordinator. Ric has a heart for reaching people through positive influence. He brings to the table a myriad of work experience from industries including non-profit, marketing and advertising, graphic design, executive administration and radio and television production.

In this position Ric intends to bring life strengthening skills to the program participants, while partnering with existing staff to build participation in GCMC as a whole.

Though this is his first time working in public health, Ric has personal life experience that will prove beneficial to the community that he serves.

Charles Abernathy, Mpowerment Coordinator

Charles Abernathy is excited to join the Greater Columbus Mpowerment Center (GCMC) as their Mpowerment Coordinator. His purpose in life is to be in service to others and help people be successful. Charles is an aspiring leader with ten years experience of civic engagement, program development, and training health care providers and support staff around LGBT cultural competency. His goal is to contribute to his community to build a more inclusive and healthy society.



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