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Celebrating Ourselves and One Another

HOLIDAY BLOG  By: Tyree Sanders   Hello Everyone! My name is Tyree Sanders and I am the new HIV/ STI Test Counselor, CTR Coordinator for Greater Columbus Mpowerment Center, GCMC. Since coming on board at GCMC, things have certainly been a whirlwind when it comes to becoming acclimated with the GCMC family. Between meeting new […]

Growing Pains: Reflections on My First Four Months

The Core Group’s recent success at hosting a community wide Skate Party at the end of September caused me to reflect upon my first four months at Greater Columbus Mpowerment Center.  During this short period, the Center faced a number of challenges due to staff and programmatic changes.  Despite these obstacles, I remain humbled by […]

What If…..?

Sometimes  we  get  so caught in all or  our  duties and roles in the  world we  forget to  dream or  entertain those  WHAT IF QUESTIONS? So for a few minutes  lets entertain those what if questions!!!   What if you could be any animal or insect what would you be and why? I would be […]