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Choose To Live

The Law of Attraction says that whatever you put into the universe you will get back from the universe. Think negative thoughts and you will receive negativity, think positive thoughts and you will receive positivity. I apply this to my everyday life. If I expect shade from the community I will get shade from the […]

Who We Are

For those who do not know much about GCMC, we decided to take a moment to talk about the program. The Greater Columbus Mpowerment Center was created in order to give YMSM (young men who have sex with men) of color a place where they can go to be empowered. While testing is one of […]

February 7th is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day was first observed on February 7th of 1999. Its purpose was to educate and bring awareness to the HIV/AIDS epidemic within the African American community. It is vital that we continue with this purpose especially when it comes to African American men of color who are MSM (men who have […]